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2020 | Product Design

Workstation and office furniture system for open-space spaces composed of central structural base. All elements that make up Clover are supported by the basement containing the lifting mechanisms for workstations, planters, sofas, and meeting tables. All wiring is concealed as well as electronic devices that can also be placed within the central cylinder that acts as a base that supports the cantilevered tops in different compositions. The cantilevered workstations are ergonomically designed so that there is no clutter under the top and comply with all international standards.

The different functions (desks, planters, sofa) can be freely composed even after the initial installation. Such a system makes it possible to replace a workstation with a sofa, planter, or vice versa very quickly, without having to change the base or other workstations. Workstation tops, in addition to being electronically adjustable in height, can accommodate access tops and acoustic separation screens.

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