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2020 | Product Design

Library shelving system composed entirely of recycled aluminum extruded profiles. The use of this material by forming hollow beams make it possible to decrease the thickness compared to wooden panels, in this way at the same distance between the shoulders of the bookcase it is possible to reach a wheelbase of 140 cm Thanks to the reduced thicknesses it is in fact possible to insert more books than with classic wooden bookcases and make the furniture "disappear" so that only the books are seen. The structural concept allows all shelves to be moved in height (requires neither fixed structural shelves nor backs. The shelves and uprights have a reduced weight compared to other materials, and the slender outline of the profiles makes it easier to hold the book while resting on the upright. Hollow profiles allow cables to pass through, without being visible, to power integrated lighting and any electrical outlets. We have developed solutions that integrate book storage with tables, monitors and seating along with 30° angles that allow freer configurations than the standard 90°. Several major projects have been executed with the CF bookcase such as: Qatar National Library, Helsinki Library, Bibliothéque du Palais de Chaillot, Rolex Learning Center., Beaux Arts de Paris, Royal Academy London, Bocconi University Library Milan.

Registered Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities: Registered with the Depository Works of Sculpture, Painting, Arts and Drawing, Engraving and Figurative and Similar Arts, Drawings and Works of Architecture.

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