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2020 | Product Design

Pass-word is a system defined by the free modularity of elements dedicated to storage and home entertainment, designed to accommodate even the most modern multimedia systems. Various hanging or floor-standing storage units equipped with different types of openings are complemented by special elements such as aluminum wing shelves, glazed wall units or the bookcase with sliding door; no connecting cables remain visible thanks to a technological bench that accommodates TVs, home theaters, smartphones, tablets, digital modems, video game consoles and Hi-Fi audio systems. Refined is the new interior finish in cedar, a fragrant and warm wood, both to the touch and to the eye. Pass-Word Evolution is the living system designed for the contemporary home. The design evolves radically to intercept the new ways of using rooms for the contemporary home, dictated by multiple compositional and functional capacities, juxtapositions of full and empty volumes that give extreme design freedom along with an original expressive character.

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