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2020 | Product Design

"Our idea was to experiment, as in the design tradition, and the main goal was to achieve extreme lightness of the object." We ruled out a priori the use of high-performance materials such as carbon fiber or composites with plastic foams that have obvious environmental problems.
We imagined a mono-material object in a beautiful material, warm to the touch, easily moldable and renewable. Of course, wood has all these characteristics except that the traditional type of processing involves a lot of energy to shape the components on the one hand and a high waste of material on the other. The challenge was to make a lightweight wood-only chair with the least use of raw material. A new technique (patent pending), uses several layers of beech wood. These sheets folded in on themselves and glued together create 'natural tubes' of wood. By means of these sheets folded like paper, the entire chair is made up, minimizing material waste. The all-renewable material product is made in collaboration with Lamm and has no intermediate transportation; the tree enters the factory and the chair leaves. The leftover material is burned creating electricity, which together with photovoltaic panels, provides about 90 percent of the production needs.


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