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2020 | Product Design

Joining the UMUL project, USE MORE USE LESS - Permanent Workshop on Quality Reuse in Design promoted by the DAGAD Laboratory with the realization of the Text-ile armchair prototype, Lamm intends to strengthen its policy of environmental protection and respect. The design for the Text-ile armchair/prototype, stems from some reflections on the rapid evolution of electronic devices, which are constantly increasing, as is the number of their users. This exponential growth is accompanied by an equally high amount of tools going into disuse, so it was thought to finalize the design research to create an object capable of giving a new life to these components through their reuse. "We were immediately fascinated by laptop keys for several reasons: because it is the only physical, tactile contact between our bodies and the immaterial electronic world; because the keys represent the letters, numbers, symbols with which we express ourselves, the basic elements of our language, the codes of our communication."

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