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2020 | Product Design

Tivalì is a concentrate of technology. It is more than a kitchen, it is a box kitchen that appears and disappears when needed, as if by magic.
The large doors, sliding and packing, disappear into the side compartments with a fluid and light movement, thanks to the patented mechanism. The lighting is extraordinarily dramatic. The backrest transforms into an LED light wall that brings light to the worktop, perfectly organized to meet all needs. Wall units with progressive opening complete in storage compartments and integrate the hood. A fully enclosed operating monolith that can be leaned against the wall or placed in the center of the room. A functional storage unit, characterized by an original concealed opening system. A refined piece of furniture, equipped with everything you need for cooking. In 2016 Tivalì doubled and changed its shape from linear to angular, adapting while keeping its founding elements unchanged, while in 2023 the new version 2.0 was released.

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